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BGKO History & Former members


Born in Barcelona in 2012, ​​as a result of inspiring musical encounters, the old Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra, after the departure of its co-founder, clarinetist Robindro Nikolic, evolves from November 2015, becoming the Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra.

The BGKO since then leads its inspiration to a wider musical genre, Balkan music, understood as a set of musical traditions and a multi-ethnic culture that go beyond its geographical boundaries and draws on all those historical traditions that have once inhabited those lands.

This new stage expands the list of countries visited to more than 35 and translates into a growing international projection, even going beyond the confines of Europe to visit Canada and the United States.


Incorporating in this first major change two new members, Joaquín Sánchez Gil in the clarinet and Oleksandr Sora in the violin, the band is finally consolidated with the incorporation of Daniel Carbonell, taking over from Joaquin, and a second violinist joining its ranks and alternating during tours, Pere Nolasc Turu.


In October 2019
, after 7 years as our vocalist, Sandra Sangiao says goodbye to the BGKO and its audience with an unforgettable concert in Sala Apolo. She has undoubtedly been a crucial person in the history of the band, from its beggining and throughout its various evolutionary phases.

You can follow Sandra here:

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BGKO, true to its origins, continues traveling a path long begun, eager to investigate new sounds and expand the long worldwide list of places to perform, experience and learn. This new chapter is marked by the invaluable collaboration of Margherita Abita, a vital breath of fresh air with whom the BGKO embarks on this new trajectory. In February 2020 we start our international tours in Italy, after a successful debut of our very first videos together, Kalejaca JacaandMarijo, deli Bela Kumrijo“.


A new powerful album, “
Nova Era” (Oct. 2020) is released,  reafirming BGKO as one of the most acclaimed bands in traditional music interpretation, respecting the ancestors while living in our times, encompassing qualities ranging from classical to modern music.



After a succesful concert in March 2021 in Palau de la Música in Barcelona, accordionist Mattia Schirosa  leaves BGKO.

We want to thank Mattia as founder member of our orchestra. He was a tireless driving force to achieve the success of BGKO, thanks also to his skills in multimedia, production, management, and his tenacity and stubbornness.

You can follow Mattia new music projects here:

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After the incorporation of Fernando Salinas as new BGKO accordionist, 2021 has brought us back to stages in Spain, Poland, France, Italy, Serbia, Albania, Croatia, Switzerland and Turkey, and in 2022 the list keeps on growing.

October 2021 comes with the the release of More Sokol Pie .
January 2022 brings the succesful release of Cu Ti Lu Dissi“, in a year in which we walk with enthusiasm into our 10th anniversary, with six studio albums, and new music written by our own coming.



After several performances with BGKO along 2022, at the end of the year, Xavi Pendón takes over Dani Carbonell at clarinet. We thank Dani for his music, commitment and humanity along all these years! Thanks for having your camera always ready for us! (like in this photo session with new Line-Up) Good luck in your new projects!



Having already made several substitutions as percussionist throughout BGKO‘s life, Albert Enkaminanko joined BGKO‘s rehearsals in May 2022, making his official debut in Perpignan in May 2023.

The first semester of 2023 brought the successful premiere of BGKO’s original songs “Ajvarsko Kolce”  , “Tisom Tiše” and “Sam Klez”” . 2023 was the year of international tours in new territories such as Sweden and Israel, and a tour in the United States and Canada.

With almost 190,000 followers on the YouTube Channel and with more than 100M views on the platform, new music is coming in May 2024


Due to a passionate journey of twelve years, Barcelona Gipsy Balkan Orchestra (BGKO) has established itself as an undisputed reference in the global Balkan music scene. Its unique blend of different musical traditions into a unique sound has captured hearts and minds of audiences worldwide, one which crosses all borders, whether artistic or geopolitical.

In timeless fashion, the band has forged its path with the power of live performances, carrying with it the essence of seven interwoven stories from various cultures and ways of life. In their seventh studio album, alongside their artistic commitment to traditional music, BGKO ventures into the vibrant journey of original compositions, custom-crafted lyrics, and melodies that have waited patiently for their day  to be shared.

BGKO invites the world to join them on this emotional journey, promising a unique and authentic experience at each upcoming concert.



Siete, Sette, Set, Sept, Седам, Zazpi , Επτά, Сім…Sep
Seventh studio album…

"7" Nuevo disco de BGKO