“Nane Tsokha Fuli Tschai (Palau de La Música)”

Our first concert of 2021, after a long period of obligatory inactivity, was all we could ask for.

An explosive and emotional crowd in the acclaimed Palau de la Música Catalana.

The response of the public was truly unique. Thank you!

“Nova Era” VINYL Available

Nova Era - Vinilo

NOVA ERA’s vinyl version will be available on February the 26th..
This is our first album edited in LP after all these years travelling the world.

You can 🛒 pre-order yours now to get it signed as soon as it’s out!
( The vinyl does NOT contain three songs that are in CD format. Buying the vinyl you will have access to these songs through a download code included in it  )

1. Dancing with the Rabbi
2. Ciganine Sviraj, Sviraj
3. Constantine, Constantine
4. Sedi Donka – Joc Mare
5. Dere Geliyor Dere

1. Jana i Alexandris
2. Kalejaca Jaca
3. Bavno Horo
4. Nane Tsokha – Fuli Tschai
5. Krajdunavsko Horo

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“Ciganine Sviraj, Sviraj”

 New Video from single “Ciganine Sviraj, Sviraj”, a beautiful Sevdah song by P. Živković-Tozovac.

🎬 Filmed and edited by: Daniele Corsi 

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“Nova Era” on SALE

“Nova Era” official release date is 23 October 2020.

Vinyl LoversStay Tuned for good news on the following weeks!!!

“Marijo deli bela Kumrijo”

“Marijo deli bela Kumrijo”, a jewel of Balkan music comes to us as a taste of the new album scheduled for September 2020.

This traditional Serbian song, from Kosovo, from the Gora region and written in Torlak dialect, conveys the sorrow of the protagonist for the remoteness of the beloved.

French filmmaker Ulysse Paya, who we are very thankful for his endless creativity, renews the vision of this concept in this visual piece of art.

“Kalejaca Jaca”

A new era begins for BGKOwith renewed energies and great enthusiasm, for which we are fortunate to have the freshness and drive of a good friend and singer as first collaboration in this new adventure… Margherita Abita (Italy, Sicily)

We choose a great shiny Čoček to reflect this spirit: “Kalejaca Jaca”, a very cheerful and danceable rumba from Macedonia that constitutes our tribute to Esma Redžepova, “Queen of Gipsy Music”, as you can appreciate in our brand new video recorded in Barcelona by french filmmaker Ulysse Paya.

 “Selma” – Božo Vrećo Feat. Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra

🔍 BGKO explores its creativity contributing with arrangements to a song with music and lyrics by Bosnian singer and songwriter Božo Vrećo, a great performer of traditional Sevdah music and a breaker of molds and stereotypes in the Balkan society.
🎬 A love story explained by French filmmaker Ulysse Paya, our dreammaker, who we are very thankful for ❤️ and to all those making it possible.

“Hora Lui Vishan”

BGKO instrumental strength is alive, as you can appreciate in this arrangement made on this powerful piece we discovered from romanian accordion player Marcel Budală.  Recorded by