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Ciòr Baro (Single)

Ciòr baro


Included in “7”, BGKO seventh studio album

“San murò puscaria, me tirò korkorò.”
“You are my prison, I am your freedom.”

A BGKO own composition, with lyrics by Camillo Kraus, created to sing in a playful way about something as dramatic as gender inequality, giving voice to those women who still suffer from it.

A man who thinks first of his personal enjoyment, before his wife and her family. Love has strange reasons and she always forgives him.

The personal sweetness of clown Pau Palaus accompanies the dreamlike framework created by our favorite visual artisan, BGKO’s traveling companion, Ulysse Paya, in a video shot at “La Vinya Espai Cultural”.

Recorded by Roger Rodés at Medusa Estudio  in Barcelona, mixed by Ferran Conangla and mastered by Yves Roussel.