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Del Ebro al Danubio

Del Ebro al Danubio

Available PACKS:
“Del Ebro al Danubio” + “Avo Kanto”


2 CD's : Del Ebro + Avo Kanto 2 LP's : Del Ebro + Avo Kanto


The sound of BGKO belongs to a world of experimentation and continuous evolution.  It is born of an urge to share and make music through improvisation and musical encounters. It is latched to a variety of aromas thanks to the exploration of innumerable musical traditions that inspire us and to which we add our personal touch based on the multi-frenetic and eclectic world of modern music that we are so immersed in.

This is the essence of “Del Ebro al Danubio”, a mature album compiled after intense coexistence, lots of live shows, endless jam sessions and musical exchanges. 12 songs – almost an hour of music – each one blessed with a completely unique and idiosyncratic sonic atmosphere compared to the rest – an evocative journey through the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East.