Imbarca – INFO




2012 (2014)
Available PACKS:
“Imbarca” + “Balkan Reunion”


2 CD's : Imbarca + Balkan Reunion 2 LP's : Imbarca + Balkan Reunion


Imbarca is the first album of BGKO which means “Embarkation“ in Romanian.

It was recorded in December 2012 in a “live” fashion, capturing the essence of a band which feels at home when on the stage. The disc originally contained 9 songs, two of them our own compositions while the rest are reinterpretations of popular and old songs. Some of them are long forgotten, patrimony of the gipsy and klezmer musicians of the Balkans, central and eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

Nearly two years later, in 2014 thanks to Satélite K record label, we had the chance of recording 3 more songs and re-editing the original disc with new graphics, photos and information regarding each song. The added songs are “La Dama d’Aragó”, “Cigani Ljubjlat Pesjni” and “Hasta Siempre, Comandante”.

These songs have been interpreted and enriched with original arrangements and it is the very fruit of intense work, research and improvisation which characterizes BGKO.

In 2022, as part of the 10th Anniversary of BGKO, Imbarca has been released in VINYL (LP), containing 11 songs (due to space limit, “Ot Azoy” is not included).