Jam sessions every Wednesday in El Foro

BGKO organizes their emblematic Gipsy balKan jam sessions every Wednesday at 21.00 hours in El Foro Restaurante (C/Princesa, 53, 08003 El Born, Barcelona).

Entrance: 5€

Doors open at 21.00 hours.

BGKO presents “Avo Kanto”

Avo Kanto is the continuation of a journey that started two years ago with “del Ebro al Danubio”.

Plenty of concerts, places, people, musicians and moments that still move us, gave birth to the songs on this album. Nearly all are traditional songs, interpreted throughout time, passed down through generations while never losing their power to evoke the deepest feelings of the human being. Today these songs rise again, touching us deep in our hearts and souls.

Avo kanto means “grandfathers songs” in esperanto, the only language capable of expressing the diversity of our band.

BGKO presents the video clip of “Testament d’Amèlia”

“Testament d’Amèlia” is a singular traditional song for its lyrics and melody. It reminds us the strength of oral tradition of the strength of oral tradition, which, without pretensions, has been able to capture lights and shadows of the human being.

This is the second videoclip of the album “Del Ebro al Danubio”, a mature album compiled after numerous live shows and unique musical exchanges. Enjoy this beautiful piece of visual art by Felipe Mejías and Iñaki Fernández, capturing the romance of traditional Catalan music, using the technique of sand art.

Sand Art by Felipe Mejías
After Effects by Iñaki Fernández

BGKO featuring Bora Dugić at the unique Teatre Grec in Barcelona

BGKO presents “Skakavac” the first of a serie of 4 videos of our concert with the Serbian flute master Bora Dugić at Teatre Grec, where we performed a different and unique music repertoire. We invite you to join us with one of the most renowned folk musicians in the world. Stay tuned!